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Personalized dynamic genetic videos

Generated in seconds for supported clinical indications. Informative, test results, educational.

Counseling simplified.

  • Personalized videos generated in seconds

    New, faster, more efficient, and effective means of educating your patients and confirming retention with engaging personalized consent and results videos.
  • See more patients, faster

    With faster low-risk patient counseling, genetic counselors can seamlessly scale their patient intake.
  • Inspire patient confidence

    Put the patient at the forefront with powerful, educational, and engaging patient experiences.

Videos for any clinical indication.

Whether its oncogenetics, pharmacogenetics, or reproductive health - Igentify can assist on an ever-expanding list of clinical indications.

Oncogenetic consenting

With Igentify Access patients receive a personalized consent video that takes every question answered during enrollment into consideration. Every video is generated in real-time in a variety of languages.


Counseling video for BRCA1/2

Igentify can counsel patients in any language, any time, anywhere with just a click - all while remaining medically supervised. Genetic counselors can create thresholds to more rapidly counsel low-risk patients using Igentify's DGA while they focus on at-risk patients.


Gain consent & improve retention

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. This is why we created a new, faster, more efficient, and effective means of educating your patients and confirming retention with engaging personalized consent videos.


A Couples Carrier Screening Results

Calculate and report two individuals results into one report. Igentify calculates thousands of data points in real-time to determine the combined risk between two patients.


Pre-counseling has never been easier

Better educate your patients about a specific program, study, trial, and more with engaging and easy-to-understand custom videos.


Faster consenting. Faster enrollment.

Enroll your patients faster into your practice, study, or trials and gain consent while saving valuable staff time and reducing paperwork.


Send a video, not 1,000 words

Engage and educate your customers in an engaging way. Bring your customers genetic data to life with personalized videos that streamline the counseling process and deliver a gratifying patient experience.


Oncogenetic medical consent Playing now Image of breast cancer logos on blue background
Oncogenetic test results Playing now Image of BRCA genes on blue background
Preconception medical consent Playing now Image of chromosomes for pre-conception testing on blue background
Preconception test results Playing now Images of genes and double-helix on blue background for carrier testing video
Precision medicine explained Playing now Image of a cartoon woman looking at icons related to genetics
Explanatory consent video Playing now Image of a cartoon physician standing next to a large screen with cartoon syringe
Ancestry counseling results Playing now Globe icon on grey background with focus on Europe and Middle East

Educational videos.

Igentify's living breathing ecosystem has accurate, medically curated, and educational video content specific to a patient's genetic test. What's even better - our clients can curate and integrate their own content.

What is a recessive genetic disease?

Explain timely and complex genetic information in minutes with accessible and user-friendly educational materials.


What is NIPT testing?

A brief explanatory video explaining Noninvasive prenatal testing in simple and easy-to-understand language.

Genetics in a nutshell

Leverage Igentify's vast library of educational material to better educate your patients on their time. Post-education quizzes available to ensure that your patient is retaining the most accurate information available about their test.


Next-Generation Sequencing

Givie your patients a complete 360 and ensure their engagement and understanding of their test.

The inheritance mode of hereditary cancer

Genetic testing takes millions of variables into consideration. Igentify simplifies patient education so patients can understand the intricacies of genetic science.


The importance BRCA1/2 test

An explanatory video regarding the importance of testing for BRCA1/2 mutations.


Recessive disease explained Playing now Image of strand of DNA with base pairs in colors
What is NIPT testing? Playing now Purple circles indicating chromosomes seen on a light blue background
Genetics in a nutshell Playing now Fuchsia lego blocks seen on a blue background in between DNA strands
Next-Generation Sequencing Playing now The letters NGS above a double helix and the words next generation sequencing
Hereditary cancer inheritance mode Playing now Purple breast cancer ribbons over a light background
The importance BRCA1/2 test Playing now The words BRCA1 and BRCA2 next to a magnifying glass and strand of DNA

Commercial videos

Better educate your patients with engaging multimedia and improve retention of details in the genetic testing process.

The Igentify Platform

Igentify is a unified end-to-end genomic platform streamlining genetic testing and counseling services. Learn more about Igentify by watching this video.


Empowering Genosity™ Genetic Services

Genosity, a company focused on providing tools and services for clinical research applications of genomics, utilizes the Igentify platform to streamline their genomic services while better educating their patients.


The people behind healthcare innovation

Although the business community usually focuses on companies, pitches, and valuations—and less on the innovator—we thought it would be interesting to learn a bit more about the people behind healthcare innovation.
Learn about the Igentify platform Playing now A cartoon image of a long line of people outside a yellow building waiting in line.
Empowering Genosity™ Genetic Services Playing now A cartoon image of a person looking at a computer screen with a hierarchy and cartoon photo on it.
Behind healthcare innovation Playing now A person sitting in a chair looking at an electronic tablet, watching an Igentify video

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