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igentify Counsel

Simplify the genetic counseling process for both clinicians and patients
with personalized result videos, uniquely created for each patient,
and easily accessible via the patient web app, anytime and anywhere.

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Personalized genetic counseling.

Our personalized videos is the closest digital solution to a live genetic counseling session. Each patient is personally addressed, and receives a thorough review and explanation of their unique results, given their unique medical history. Our technology allows you to create this experience with a click of a button.

Accessible patient web app.

Enable your patients to easily access their results from any device, in the language of choice and at any time and place.

E-learning center.

Provide additional educational material for patients with the e-learning center. Use igentify’s e-learning program or add your own.

Patient reminders.

Connect and engage your patients by sending notifications and reminders right to their mobile devices.