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igentify Counsel

Automatically generate actionable reports and deliver
engaging and educational personalized digital
genetic counseling to your patients.

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Personalized dynamic reporting.

Put a Digital Genetic Counselor in your patients palms. Create custom thresholds and automatically generate personalized multilingual patient video results in minutes so you can focus on patients at-risk.

Digital genetic counseling app.

Put a Digital Genetic Counselor in the palms of your patients. It will counsel patients using their genomic data, better educate, and improve retention while reducing in-person visits up to 95%.

Generate actionable reports.

Every report you need is just a click away. Generate and sign comprehensive, detailed, and data-rich reports in minutes for labs, healthcare providers, clinicians, or for further counseling needs.

Engage, notify, & remind.

Connect and engage your patients by sending notifications and reminders right to their mobile devices.