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igentify Insight

Dive into your patient’s genetics with an unparalleled platform.
Create actionable data, quick glance interpretation, and receive
recommendations so you can provide the best healthcare for your patients.

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Use proprietary algorithms.

We’ve sequenced millions of genomes and built robust genetic algorithms that power Igentify. Utilize them to interpret and understand a genome without being an expert.

Pedigree tool.

Automatically generate patient pedigrees and get the big picture of their hereditary and ethnic genetic makeup.

Rapid genetic interpretation.

Interpret and create actionable genetic data to provide preemptive care and treatment methods. Igentify translates raw sequenced genomes 50x faster than traditional methods.

Automated NGS handling.

Automatically assess the quality of raw genetic sequencing data. Determine contaminating or low quality sequences in any patient sample and perform variant analysis.