Products - igentify

Bridging the gap

between the need for technology and the patient experience.

From advanced genetic counseling tools to fully integrated lab workflows,
igentify’s Digital Genetic Assistant (DGA) streamlines the entire genetic
testing process, saving valuable time while providing a personalized
experience, unique to each patient.


Currently supporting:

Expanded Carrier Screening (ECS)

Cell-Free DNA Screening (NIPS/NIPT)

Pharmacogenomics (PGx)


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The ultimate

patient experience.

Digital tools have become a necessity.

igentify’s web app guides patients through every step of their genetic

testing journey with a personal touch that comes closest to a live

counseling session.


Increase in patient load
Patients feel comfortable receiving results in video format
Patients feel confident they understand their results from the video
Reduction in counseling time

Onboard patients

with ease.

Patient education and consenting are crucial aspects of genetic testing,
albeit time-consuming. Allow your patients to complete these steps
ahead of time with the igentify AccessTM web app.

Produce high-quality

data, efficiently.

With fully customizable panels and reports, built-in raw data processing

and analysis, and automation tools, igentify AnalyzeTM enables you to

optimize your workflow and produce high-quality data with one


Triage and manage

results fast.

Facilitate patient care with igentify InsightTM’s clinical tools, designed by

genetic counselors, that enable you to work at the top of your scope by

reducing administrative work and improving efficiency.

Personalized digital

genetic counseling.

The bulk of a provider’s time and resources are exhausted on the 95% of

patients who are not at-risk. This leaves less time and energy to focus on

the patients who need genetic counseling services the most. Now you can

offer patients at lower risk, personalized digital genetic counseling

services and devote live counseling to those with higher risk.