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Simplify the

genetic journey.

Engage patients personally at every step of the cycle.

Streamline enrollment for thousands or even hundreds

of thousands of patients around the world.

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Everything you

need in one place.

Genetic healthcare just got bigger, and better.

From enrollment to counseling, Igentify’s patient and provider

applications makes it easy to stay connected so you can spend

your resources and efforts treating those in-need.

Your enrollment capabilities for any genetic service
Improvement in retention and understanding
Upload and process results faster than ever before
More effective than standard text reports

Streamline the entire

enrollment process.

Enrolling, giving consent, and filling in lengthy forms means inconvenient
multiple visits and nerve-wracking paperwork for your patients.

Register, educate, consent, and track – all in one place.

Unparalleled genetic


Igentify Analyze™ is like having a genetic interpreter by your side.

From uploading and managing panels to confirming findings – identify
patients at-risk faster and more time spent treating them.

Harness genetic data

in a few simple clicks.

Relying on a 3rd party to interpret results adds time to the patient process and increases potential risk, to them and to you.
Optimize workflow and deep dive into your patient’s genetics with
modern interfaces to easily visualize, manage, and analyze genetics.

Send a video,

not a thousand words.

The bulk of time and resources are exhausted on the 95% of patients who are not at risk while the 5% who are increasing their risk as a result, leaving you vulnerable to lawsuits and less able to focus on the people who need you most.
Genetic counselors are a necessity. So, we put one in your pocket.