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We know genetics.

We live in tech.

And we’re bringing the future of patient care

to today’s most forward-thinking healthcare providers.

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Envision a life.

Serve 10x more patients per day.

Enroll, educate, and consent thousands of patients
in any language anywhere in the world.

Igentify Access™ makes it fast and easy to capture
the data you need while delivering an unparalleled
patient experience.

Picture a society.

Where you identify and focus on treating at-risk patients only.

Igentify Analyze™ is like having a genetic analyst by your side.
It interprets and analyzes patient genomes in seconds, aids you
by confirming findings so you can identify at-risk patients
significantly faster.

Dream of a future.

Where accurate and rapid genetic interpretation
saves thousands of lives.

From interpreting to coupling patient genomes
and assessing residual risk.

Igentify Insight™ utilizes proprietary algorithms
to create and generate actionable genomic data
so you can deliver the best patient options and care.

Imagine counseling

in minutes.

Send a video, not a thousand words.

We retain 85% of what we watch versus 15% of what we read.
Educate at the highest level of retention using modern multimedia
by putting a digital genetic counselor in the palms of your patients.
Create personalized counseling report videos using patient data in
minutes while generating the reports you need for your teams.