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Give patients the care they’ll talk about for years.  Our platform modernizes patient education and care so you can focus on their healthcare and wellbeing.To better understand the importance of genetic testing, and to see how and why Igentify is revolutionizing genetic counseling, watch our video. Although this video focuses on preventative healthcare, Igentify uses the same basic techniques for all genetic testing and counseling.

A New Standard for Superior Healthcare

Igentify’s secure platform is a model of simplicity and scalability.  Our solution streamlines critical processes in health care to provide an educational, unique, and engaging experience for your patients.  Igentify modernizes patient education and care so you can focus on their healthcare and wellbeing.

Educated Electronic Consent

  • Clear, convenient, and comprehensive
  • Improves patient understanding and retention
  • Saves time and reduces overhead
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Personalized ‘Dynamic’ Results

  • Combines gene-specific content with patient data
  • Reduces in-person genetic counseling by 95%
  • Translates complex information into concise content
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Our Platform

Cloud-Based Enrollment

  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Seamless integration with patient management solutions
  • Better patient care
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Digital Learning Suite

  • Engages patients with multimedia presentations
  • Transforms abstract subjects into accessible materials
  • Advances precision medicine and personalized healthcare
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