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Igentify’s technology makes genetic information accessible and intelligible. We overcome the limited supply of genetic, oncogenic, and pharmacogenetic counselors, among others, by matching the strong demand from patients with a platform that benefits everyone.
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Enroll. Educate. Deliver.

Igentify allows you to enroll, educate, and deliver results to subjects and patients.  Our system integrates with existing EMR solutions to bridge patient data.  Enroll, consent, and onboard thousands or tens of thousands with ease, while providing excellent patient education and experiences.

One Platform. Endless Applications.

Easily adapts and interfaces with multiple medical fields and disciplines
Reduction in face-to-face visits
Easily adapts to any medical field or discipline
Enroll quickly, without limits
Improvement in subject retention


Igentify cuts the time and number of doctor visits needed in the genetic testing process. It enhances accuracy and reduces time needed from test to result. It also lowers overall costs. This is the future of medicine.

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Igentify reduces face-to-face visits by 90% with a robust offering of products.  Customize each service to fit your practice for an incredible patient experience.
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