Igentify for Healthcare Providers

If you’re a busy physician or geneticist, you know how difficult it can be to give all of your patients the attention that they need – especially when they have a serious problem. Thanks to Igentify, you can provide a higher standard of care to those who really need it. Igentify will send you an urgent email message and report when it flags a patient with potentially serious genetic issues. It will provide access to automatically generated personalized report which explains the findings to your patients, and give them an opportunity to read more about the conditions.

Unlike other systems, Igentify never comes between you and your patients. It simply reduces the workload by providing the needed explanations to low risk patients utilizing its advanced platform.

It will cut waiting lines, enhance your income and establish you as a leading edge caregiver.

Igentify for Patients

There are millions of people around the world who need genetic counseling. People who want to have children, or may be facing operations or chemotherapy. That’s why Igentify is so important. It allows patients to have genetic tests and understand the results and it does it faster, easier and with better information and explanations than ever before.

Igentify is patient-focused (oriented?). Once the patient has completed the detailed medical and genetic history online – whenever and wherever they can, and they have given a DNA sample, Igentify takes over.

It gathers diagnostic data directly from lab systems, analyzes it within the context of patient information gathered, and sends a unique personalized video report to the patient online. That way, the patient can understand the risks, if any, and possible conditions. It’s all explained in easy to use language.

Igentify is making it faster easier and far less expensive for people to get the critical genetic information they need. Isn’t that what medicine is all about?

Igentify for HMOs

Igentify gives you the opportunity to offer better patient care by optimizing the precious resources within your organization. In today’s competitive medical world, your patients are demanding more. Now you can provide better genetic services to more patients and at a lower cost per patient. You can fast track the patients who need more attention by providing additional doctor and geneticist hours. How? Because Igentify relieves the bottleneck to reach genetic counselors by reducing the number of non-essential patients overwhelming the providers’ valuable time.

Igentify enables you to:

  • Reduce outsourcing
  • Optimize physician, geneticist and patient time
  • Deliver better patient care
  • Reduce errors through an end-to-end system
  • Achieve better quality results
  • Enhance your reputation as the people who care.

You can bring Igentify in house or use it on a SaaS basis. We can integrate with your current systems, streamlining your procedures and increasing your throughput without additional overhead. We use your report templates and produce videos with your staff.