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Cloud-Based Enrollment

Optimizing the onboarding process

Igentify accelerates the onboarding process by inviting patients to personalize their answers to a series of queries, which vary according to conditions and procedures, before scheduling an appointment with a doctor. This information makes medical care more precise and less prone to liability.

  • Compatible with other EMR platforms

  • A timesaving solution for better patient care

  • Mitigates the risk of lawsuits

Personalized Dynamic Results

Empowering patients

Igentify converts complex medical material into compelling, personalized content. Our platform educates and engages patients, based on our ability to customize and deliver per-patient results.

  • Deliver results to any desktop or mobile device

  • Reduce face-to-face visits by 95%*

  • Full control over content and delivery

  • Insights on the complete patient experience

  • Per-patient custom experience

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Digital Learning

educating patients from start to finish

Igentify curates a medically supervised library of content, including customized videos based on each patient’s profile, so the otherwise esoteric can be—and is—easy to understand

  • Combination of graphics, videos, and other visual aids

  • Consideration of available medical options

  • A self-paced learning environment that removes the pressure and anxiety of conventional teaching methods.

Focus on what matters most

Igentify is a timesaving solution that reduces the number of doctor visits involving the genetic testing process. We are a fast, secure, and accurate resource for patients and medical personnel. Igentify is the face of precision medicine.

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